Reusable Drapes LOJICLEAN® liquidproof fabric

High Performance:

LOJIGMA produce a range of reusable surgical drapes to comply with "High Performance" requirements of the European Standard EN 13795.

LOJICLEAN® liquidproof fabric is 3 layer bicomponent ePTFE laminated fabric with an absorbent surgace used in the critical area of drapes (generally in the area next to the wound site and around fenestrations).

Liquid repellent fabric is used in the non critical area (further away from the wound site).

Drapes are produced to meet the varied requirements of different surgical procedures, for each surgical procedure there will be a number of drapes which together are combined to cover the patient and equipment during surgery, this may be a combination of Standard Performance drapes and High Performance drapes. Lojigma manufacture combinations of drapes used for different operating procedures including custom drape packs for individual hospitals.

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